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A disruptive approach to sports agency


When deciding on which agent to choose, wisdom is the necessary key. 300 Sport’s approach to representation stems from partnership. Building a successful NFL career requires that an athlete and their representative enter into the relationship by being partners, not just athlete and client. Acting as partners means that each person must look after one another, be honest with each other, communicate effectively with each other, and must hold one another accountable for their decisions and resulting actions. Relationships fail due to a lack of either of these qualities.


At 300 Sports we promise to be accountable to you, the Athlete. We will answer the phone when you call and will be open and honest with you regarding your career. It is our job to give you the best advice and present you with all your options, and we will do that and more. It is never our job to only tell you what you want to hear; but 300 Sports will always give you an accurate reflection of the situation and assist you in making the best decision for you, your career, and your personal future!




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The story for 300 Sports starts with Shaun’s parents. Both of his parents were born and raised in South Africa and grew up in Apartheid. His father was a dual sports star in South Africa, playing both cricket and soccer. Due to Apartheid, he was not allowed to play for the country or play internationally. Due to a nursing shortage in the early 70’s, Shaun’s parents were sponsored by Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas to immigrate to the land of opportunity in 1971.

Ronnie "Real Truth" Braxton

Ronnie Braxton’s passion for helping others extends beyond helping them to achieve their maximum athletic potential. Braxton has prepared some of the greatest athletes on the planet for battle. His work with thousands of athletes includes individuals from the NFL, MLB, MLS, and NBA. He comes highly recommended by N.Y. Mets scout, Max Semler, and NFL scout, Alonzo Highsmith, along with many others. 


Jonathan Walker, M.D., M.S., EEG, B.C.N., QEEG/D

Jonathan Walker, M.D., M.S., EEG, B.C.N., QEEG/D is a medical doctor, a Board Certified Neurologist. For forty-five years Dr. Walker has studied, researched, and taught in the field of neuroscience. Neurotherapy Center of Dallas is the result of those years of medical experience. This clinic is a traditional neurological practice with forward-thinking, cutting-edge approaches.

Randy Naidoo, M.D.

Dr. Naidoo’s love for sports took him to the University of Miami Florida to walk-on and play three years of football under Coach Butch Davis and his position coach, Chuck Pagano, formerly head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.


“Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death.”